My favourite accessories for Open Water Swimming

accessories open water swimming

This is the post where I give you a list of all my personal favourite accessories for Open Water Swimming. In a previous post, I made a list of the essentials of Open Water Swimming equipment. The following list will complete the previous one and is not exhaustive. In this post, I am giving a few of […]

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Is Open Water Swimming dangerous?

open water swimming dangerous

A question every open water swimmer should ask themselves before starting the activity: is Open Water Swimming dangerous? Most experienced swimmers will tell you that it is not. In this article, we will list the potential dangers you could be faced with in open water. Then we will talk about each of them and see […]

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The essentials of Open Water Swimming equipment

open water swimming equipment

What are the basics of open water swimming equipment? More than ever, we need that connection with nature. If you are used to the outdoors, finding the right kind of equipment will be easy for you. But if you are moving from the pool to the open water, it will require some adjustments. You might […]

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